Shooting guns

Close-up of CZ-75B SP01

Some time ago friend of mine called me and asked if I could shoot his collection of guns. I’ve never done photography of weapons before, so it took me couple of months before I called him back and said I was ready. I was taking photographs at his place, so I could only take with me what fits in the trunk – so no fancy lightning equipment or large softboxes etc. We had to invent and improvise with what was available.

Resulting photos, although not ideal, came out quite good. I would say it was rather hard task as I had not enough control over the environment, and we had to fight parasitic reflections, unwanted elements of set up and so on, not even speaking of a quite a challenge to present handguns in an aesthetically pleasing way.

First, we played with Rock Island Armory Tactical 9mm, some ammo, magazine and a box of 9mm Luger to find the best angle and arrangement of all the accessories. Then I had to tweak the lightning to get the maximum out of the set up and underline gun’s elegant lines with a hint of blue, keeping the whole scene in pink tones.

Rock Island Armory Tactical 9mm

After that we moved to CZ-75B at a new angle, where I chose white light to underline horizontal lines on deep black shiny metal of the gun, while adding orange to shine on the grip. We kept the reflection of the gun and tried to give it this pinkish color, so that the photograph still stays in the pink mood.

CZ-75B SP01

CZ-75B SP01 and three jacketed hollow point 9x19mm

The we went to a couple of Glocks – Glock 17 and Glock 19, placing then one behind another. I again used different colors to shine on vertical and horizontal surfaces, this time them being orange and blue, and decided to move away from pink as a background (I must say, it all was happening close to Christmas, so we indulged ourselves and used bright colors and even Christmas tree ornaments in couple of shots).

Glock 17, Glock 19 and two jacketed hollow point 9x19mm

We did photographs of many different guns and I only show here those I liked most. For the sake of being fair, the next photograph shows Kel Tec. Friend of mine said he liked this photo the most.

Kel Tec

While learning from your own mistakes, you seek to do the better job next time. You think about what should you change, what should you add, what angles you should try next time to get the best shot, the best photograph, and then you find yourself hooked up on this particular subject. I realized I would very much like to make another photoshoot some time in the nearest future. This time it might be me calling in for a favor to let me do some more photography of my friends collection.

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